our programs

The Post seeks to be a common hangout for kids from all kinds of backgrounds, beliefs, and interests. Most of our time kids are free to hang out in the common areas, get snacks from the cafe, or play ball on the basketball court. However, for most of our open days, we try to incorporate programs to help the kids connect to our leadership and form an identity in Christ as well as develop positive skills and habits.

Check out our programs below for some details on what we offer. Feel free to stop by to observe or help out with any of our programs. If you would like to volunteer, contact us here or stop by to fill out an application and chat with our director.

the post's daily program schedule

Monday – I Am Second – 6:30 – 7:00 PM

I Am Second is a movement meant to inspire people of all kinds to live for God and for others. We aspire to live with God first, and our own desires second.

Each Monday we meet to encourage our students to think about their relationship with Christ and evaluate their purpose in life. Have you discovered yours?

Tuesday – Thursday

Teens can engage in a variety of recreational, educational, and life-skill-based activities such as creative arts projects, cooking classes, sports, socialization with others, movie nights, homework help, and so much more! We hope to create space each evening during the week for our students to feel comfortable and united under our roof where they can learn new skills or enjoy activities they already love to do!*

Friday: Community Outings

Friday outings include swimming, bonfires, baseball games, visiting local parks, ice cream runs, church services, First Fridays, and other community events. We provide these outings for the teens to have positive experiences in the community and to give them opportunities to participate in activities they may not have been able to otherwise. Check out our social media on Instagram & Facebook for a schedule and time announcements for these outings.

*If you have a desire to volunteer or help provide a special skill to our teens, please get in touch with us today!