i-365. Do you?

i-365 | $1 a Day, Priceless Impact!

At The Post we work with teens who are labeled as “high risk” youth. Because of this problem we need your help. Now through our i-365 program you can donate $1/day in order to support our mission. Together with us you can share the love of Jesus by donating. Because we are building a Christ-centered community your $1/day contribution helps us advance the Kingdom of God.

Due to your contributions we can offer programming, provide food, maintain our building, and complete other necessary tasks to keep our center running. Not only does your $1/day donation meet tangible needs it enables us to offer safety, encouragement and spiritual guidance to our teens. Your $1/day has the potential to impact eternity.

Will you commit to participating in i-365? For less than a price of a Starbuck’s coffee you can dramatically improve the life of a teen in our community. In light of this great impact we deeply appreciate all of the ways you support us. i-365. Do you?