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- Goshen, Indiana -

Our mission at The Post is to provide a safe environment for our youth, challenging them through intentional relationships, opening the door to allow God to reveal their identity and purpose through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Who Are We?

The Post is a Christ-centered non-profit youth center located in downtown Goshen. 20 years ago, Lon and Judy Miller had a vision and desire to reach the youth of our community. They wanted to establish a place where everyone was welcome regardless of their background, family structure, or beliefs. Their goal was to share the love of Christ with any middle school or high school student that walked through the doors.

“…if nothing changes, nothing changes.”

Nowadays, Monday-Friday, if you enter our doors, the same vision and passion ring true. We welcome all youth into a safe and positive environment where they have the freedom to be completely themselves. Our staff seeks to invest and challenge each teen by building intentional relationships with them through activities and programs that promote life skills and finding their identity rooted in Christ. Many of our teens have faced unfortunate circumstances very early on in life. Because of this, our youth often mistrust or lose their faith in God. Many of them express feeling like, “He wasn’t there for me when I needed Him,” or “how could God love me, I’m not worthy of that love,” and therefore don’t pursue a relationship with Him.

We seek to teach our teens about making positive healthy choices for themselves, as well as exploring and learning how to have a personal relationship with Jesus. Until they accept Christ into their hearts, they will feel empty, unworthy, and unloved. We want them to find the forgiveness that Jesus brings, no matter where they come from. No matter what the sins of our past were, we can be forgiven if we only would ask God for it! God is with us always, and we hope to help our youth see that they can trust God during both the good times and bad.

How do we impact teens?

Our facility is open to middle school and high school aged youth in 6 th -12th grade, Monday through Friday from 4pm to 9pm. We provide a safe, positive space for them to hang out and have fun! We have programs with a curriculum that is designed to point teens toward finding their identity in Christ, as well as equip them with skills they can use in everyday life. Building intentional relationships is key to impacting the youth we serve, so we seek to connect with them through honest conversations, playing sports, creating art, eating good food, and spending quality time together. It’s our prayer that our teens will have an open heart and mind to listen, and to one day find a personal relationship with Jesus.

Directions to The Post

Address: 301 E. Lincoln Ave. Goshen, IN 46528

We are easy to find! The Post is located in the historic old post office building at the northeast corner of Lincoln and 6th in Goshen, Indiana. We would love for you to visit, to see the difference we are making, and to get involved! Check the map on this page for more detailed directions.

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