The Post Family News: 4/22-4/26

Welcome to this week’s edition of The Post family news!

Story Time

Social media plays an important role in our teens lives. Many of them use social media as a primary means of communication. Lately our teens have been “tagging” our building with their social media names. They write them on pieces of paper, on dry erase boards, on the chalk board table, on  widows with window crayons–you get the idea. I didn’t grow up with social media. Okay, I had a Xanga and MySpace in high school, but these sites played no real role in my social life. Our teens have grown up with social media their whole lives however. Now there are too many social media platforms for me to keep up with. I was watching a teen add her social media name to one of our white boards the other day. She wrote “AMOS:” and put her user name after that. I said to her, “What’s Amos, is it a new social media?” She just sort of looked at me and said, “No, it means add me on snap”. This teen likes to pick on me. She recently (jokingly) asked me if I poisoned her gum (I didn’t). So, I’m surprised she didn’t make fun.

This Week

Tonight for our I AM SECOND program one of our volunteers, Phillip, will be sharing his testimony. We hope this helps him build connections and trust with our teens. Tomorrow in our Alpha program we will be talking about evil and ways to resist it. We will discuss what Christians can do about evil in the world and the lies we believe about ourselves. Next, on Wednesday, we will be telling stories about our lives. We will respond to the prompt, “Tell me a story about your favorite summer”. On Thursday we will be making an art project together. This will be a project that encourages teens to learn about themselves and share about themselves. Finally, Friday we will take 10 students to see the new Avengers movie “End Game”. E-man reached out on Facebook and had multiple people donate money so we can take the students on this outing.


As mentioned above we had several people donate money so we are able to take our teens to the movie this Friday. We are excited about this trip and are grateful to those of you who donated. We have also had churches volunteering to cook for us and bring us food to feed the teens dinner. It is wonderful when we are able to feed our teens.

Prayer Request

In May we will be switching up the format of some of our nightly programs. Pray that the students are receptive to new topics and format.

Important Dates

May 26- Outing to see End Game at Linway


Thanks again for everything you all do for us!

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