The Post Family News: 4/1-4/5

Welcome to this week’s edition of The Post Family News!

Story Time

At the Post on Tuesdays throughout the school year we have been watching videos from a series called Alpha. This series discusses the basics of Christianity and includes discussion questions throughout each episode. Over the last couple of weeks the students have begun to ask some big questions. Here are some of the questions: Why do bad things happen? How can we have the freedom to make choices if God already knows everything that will happen? Did God confuse all the languages when the people tried to build a tower? Where did the snake in the garden come from? Did the snake really have legs? Perhaps the most significant question came from a teen while we were dropping him off at his house one night. He asked, “Why Jesus die?” We were able to share the answer with him. Because the students have been asking so many good questions we will be going through a series in the summer that will take them through the major points of the Biblical narrative using stories and videos.

This Week

The first week of the month at the Post is special. During this week our programs will be at 6:30 instead of 8. Monday during the I AM SECOND program, Favian, E-man, and I (Whitney) will be sharing ways the Holy Spirit has worked in our lives. Tuesday we will be celebrating the birthdays that take place in April. Lindsey and E-man have birthdays this month so they are trying to make this celebration extra special. On Wednesday night we will be going to Cornerstone church at 6:15 to share a meal with them. The first Thursday of the month the Latino Riders bring us a meal and share with our teens during program time. Friday we will be closing at 6 and taking the teens downtown to First Friday.


In the month of March we had around 6 new students come to the Post. In total we had 74 different students come hang out with us. Last year we had around 260 different students come through the Post. In the month of March alone we had over a quarter of that number. We are excited to see the amount of new students we have seen in the last few months as well as our regulars continuing to attend. It is encouraging when our students show up and bring friends. It shows us that they enjoy being here and positive connections are being made.

Prayer Requests

Please pray that we continue to see good numbers of attendance. The more students we have, the more students we get to share the love of Jesus with. Also pray that our students will continue to be curious about God and the Bible.. Pray that they will be receptive of our summer series that walks through the Biblical narrative.

Important Dates

We will be celebrating April birthdays on 4/2 at 6:30.

On 4/1, 4/2 and 4/3 we will have extended hours for Spring break. We will be open from 3-10. One 4/4 we will be open from 4-8.

On 4/5 we are closing at 6 to attend First Friday in Goshen.


Thanks again for your prayers and continued support. Happy April!


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