The Post Family News: 2/4-2/8

Welcome to this week’s edition of The Post Family News!

Story Time

This past week at the Post we worked on making a promo video for the Pancake Breakfast. We planned to have many individual kids say “You’re invited” and show a montage of these students at the beginning of the video. As you can imagine when you put teens in front of a camera things don’t always go as planned.

As it turned out, about 4 guys took turns saying “You’re invited”. Instead of standing still and saying the lines they each walked past the camera saying their “names” and “you’re invited”. They mostly stated fake names, just so you know. The delivery styles are…interesting. Look forward to getting to know our teen’s personalities when the video comes out.

This Week

This week at the Post programs occur at 6:30. Tonight, we will have our I AM SECOND program. Tuesday, a celebration for February birthdays will take place. Because Dairy Queen generously donates a cake each month, we celebrate with an ice cream cake. Wednesday, we will join Cornerstone Church for dinner. Because the Latino Riders come on the first Thursday of the month, they will be here this week. They will share with our teens and bring them dinner.


Although the weather was cold last week and we had to close several days our teens stayed safe through the cold. We received our posters for the pancake breakfast and can begin to deliver them.

Prayer Requests

Pray for us to continue building positive relationships with our teens so we can show them the love of Jesus. Join us in praying for the pancake breakfast to be a great success this year.

Important Dates

Pancake Breakfast- March 9th, 7 AM-12 PM


Thanks again for all you do. Connect with us on our website or social media. We would love to hear from you.

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