i-365 | $1 a Day, Priceless Impact!

These days, $1 won’t get you much of anything.  Thanks to The Post Youth Center’s I-365 donation program, you can put Mr. Washington back to work by committing to donate $1/day to The Post Youth Center. Your $1/day helps our ministry provide Christ-centered programming as well as other programs, services, and facility amenities (such as basketball, weight room, dinner, and trips).

Your contribution through i-365 allows us to continue working with the Teens of Goshen to reverse the cycles of Generational Poverty and Fatherless Homes currently plaguing our community.  Our programs focus on equipping youth to succeed in their personal, professional, and spiritual lives through programs focused on developing strong relationships with Christ and providing the tools and resources to overcome their current environments.  Without you, none of our work and the victories we celebrate would be possible!

From our Post family to yours, thanks for giving the gift of hope to the “at-risk” youth of Greater Goshen!