The Calming Room-Regulating Emotions

Teens experience many stressors as they are moving toward adulthood. Therefore, they must learn to regulate their emotions to manage these stressors so they may become successful adults. Studies show the ability to regulate emotions well can lead to better financial planning, lower rates of substance abuse and a decrease in violent behavior. Developing emotional regulation skills doesn’t just benefit emotional health however, it benefits physical and interpersonal health too.

Because of this, one of our goals at the Post Youth Center is to teach these skills. In order to do this we strive to build connections with teens. We desire to help them discover who they are as they navigate the struggles in life. We hope to provide a safe environment for our teens to spend time building relationships, learning about themselves and discovering purpose in their lives. Because we believe that Jesus is a perfect picture of love we work in the context of a Christian community.

At a Glance

Like most teens, the ones we serve at the Post have experienced many struggles that can set them back in life. One survey some of our teens participated in showed the following:

  • 81% of the students surveyed reported coming from divorced homes
  • 59% have at some point received government assistance
  • 59% have had a household member go to prison
  • 44% come from homes with someone who abuses drugs or alcohol
  • 63% have used drugs or alcohol themselves

These are just some of the findings that illustrate our student’s need for skills to move beyond their circumstances to become successful adults.

Our Response

In order to help us address these needs we are raising funds to create a calming space for our teens. This space is for our teens to engage in activities that will equip them with skills they need and to give them opportunities for intentional personal growth. This space will be designed to be relaxing and peaceful. There will be centers for students to talk with staff, to journal, to practice mindfulness, to participate in art activities, to read about coping skills, and to experience other activities that will promote resilience.

Your donations will help us to be able to buy the necessary supplies to create this space. Raising funds enables us to be intentional about the way in which we design the space to maximize the benefit for our teens. Your donations will provide our students with a place to learn the skills necessary to overcome the difficulties they face. Thank you in advance for supporting the teens in our community. We truly appreciate all you do to help our teens become successful adults that positively influence our society.


  1. Self Emotions
  2. Managing Emotional Intensity
  3. Emotional Intelligence