Reopening The Post

Reopening Plan for The Post Youth Center on May 11, 2020

Reopening The Post

Upon enter the building

  • Staff will greet you at the door
  • Staff will teen screening questions (ie. Have you had any of these symptoms?)
  • Temperature will be taken by an infrared thermometer
  • Sanitize hands upon completing
  • Volunteers and those donating meals, please call Post 674-534-7678 when you’re here. Staff will meet you.
  • There will be an A-frame poster outside our entrance indicating when we are at capacity

Inside the building

  • Maintain social distancing
  • No more than 2 people per couch
  • Sanitize hands often
  • Only 5 teens allowed in the café at a time
  • Staff will serve food when we have it
  • Staff to follow cleaning protocol daily with a final sweep at 8:30pm nightly

Outside the building

  • There will be no rides offered in the van
  • Once you leave The Post you cannot return
  • There is no “hanging out” on The Post’s property (ie. Sidewalks, parking lot, steps)

Et cetera

  • This will be a “learn as we go” time. The Post’s ultimate goal is to provide a safe place for our teens. We may need to readjust and will make changes accordingly. We will do our best to meet physical needs of our teens and their families as we meet their spiritual needs.