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Knowing the Bible Matters

Many different things exist that we can use to inform our life. We have a plethora of information available that can instruct us how to live. As I was planning this blog post I thought I would explore the internet to discover my purpose in life. So, I did what anyone seeking knowledge about their self would do– I took some online quizzes. First, a quiz suggested my purpose is to work hard. Next, it was suggested that I enjoy today. Thirdly, I ought to seek knowledge and share it with others. I suppose that isn’t bad advice yet, I struggle to trust a quiz that asks,”which of these bad experiences would you choose?”. I know now that I can’t trust online quizzes. Another option is trusting my feelings. Sometimes, I feel like quitting my job and becoming a super hero. But I’m not rich and I won’t fight.

What then should we use to inform our lives? I believe, that as Christians the Bible ought to be a main source of our information. Because we need to use the Bible to inform our lives, we must know what it says. There are many reason the Bible is a solid source of information. I am going to share three important reasons with you.

1. The Bible teaches us about identity

The Bible teaches us about the identity of God. It helps us know him. The very first verse contained in the Bible, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth”, tells us so much about God. He is self-existing, he was before time, he created life, he is above all creation. All of those big ideas can be found in the first verse of the Bible. All throughout the Old Testament we learn about Yahweh and his faithfulness to the Israelites, his chosen people. We also see the prophecies about Jesus. In the beginning of the New Testament Jesus’ life is laid out for us in four different books. We see the way he lived and read his teachings. In the second part of the New Testament we see the work of the Holy Spirit in the lives of the believers. The entire Bible teaches us about God.

Not only does the Bible teach us God’s identity, it teaches us our own identity. The Bible tells us what God thinks of us. It reveals that we are children of God, chosen, loved, sought after, conquerors, coheirs with Christ, set free–the list goes on. We find our identity in Him. Because we know God and He knows us, we can be secure in who we are. This security enables us to live boldly and confidently, which points people to a big God.

2. The Bible teaches us about love

Not only does the Bible teach about God’s identity, it teaches about God’s love. God fully knows us, and God fully loves us. God knows every part of us and still desires a relationship with us. His love is vast beyond all measure. God wrote a love story to us. The Bible contains a story of a love bigger than our mistakes, bigger than our pain, bigger than anything that we believe separates us from God. God loves us with a perfect love. When we need reassurance of God’s love for us, we find it in the Bible.

The Bible also teaches us about our love. When we read the Bible we learn how to love others. It teaches, love is patient and kind, it does not envy or keep record of wrongs, it does not boast, it does not delight in evil, but rejoices in truth. We see the way Jesus loved others while on earth, and know our love should look the same. The greatest commandment given to us is love your neighbor as yourself. The Bible teaches us how to do this. When we understand God’s love for us and his love for those around us, we are able to open up our hears and love each other. Love produces love.

3. The Bible teaches us about purpose

We have discussed that the Bible teaches us about identity and love, and it also teaches us about purpose. First, the Bible teaches us about God’s purpose. A main purpose of God is to reconcile our relationship with him, defeat sin, and make all things new again. Isaiah tells us that Jesus came to bind up the broken hearted, to set the captives free, to exchange ashes for beauty, tears for joy, and despair for praise. God wants good things for us. His purpose is to set us free. Understanding his purposes gives us an even deeper understanding of our identity and his love for us.

The Bible also discusses our purpose. Believe it or not, our purpose is similar to God’s purpose. Of course we are not perfect and therefore can’t atone for man’s sin, but we can spread the news of this forgiveness. In spreading the news, we help set captives free. We bring beauty, joy, and praise. Our purpose is to work together with God to spread his love and prepare the way for his earthly kingdom. Knowing these purposes takes the away the mystery of life’s meaning and our significance. Because we know God’s purpose and his purposes for us, we are able to live our lives knowing we are important, and that we can make a difference in the world.

In summary, it is important to know the Bible because it contains the absolute truths we build our lives around. If we don’t know these truths we will build our lives around something that is far inferior. When we know how God sees us and we view ourselves the same way, our eyes are opened to the love of God and we can see the purpose and meaning in our lives. This my friends, is why it is extremely important to know the Bible.

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