Our Staff

E-man Monge, Executive Director 

E-Man Monge - Executive Director, The Post Youth Center

Emmanuel Monge, known as E-man to most, was born and raised in Goshen, IN. E-man is currently working on his master’s in Biblical Counseling at Grace College, with his undergraduate degree being from Purdue University. As a follower of Jesus, he believes that the best way to impact the community at The Post is by training up disciples–Godly leadership that breeds more leaders.  He and his wife Lindsey are both members at Sugar Grove Church.

E-man has been involved in Men’s Fraternity, Fight Club, and Iron Sharpens Iron. With God’s guidance, E-man hopes to build a positive, sustainable ministry at the Post that will multiply disciples and magnify God’s glory

Lindsey Monge – Operations Manager

Lindsey Monge graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Intercultural Studies from Grace College. While attending Grace, she met E-man and they decided to serve the Lord together through their marriage. Lindsey has a heart for a variety of cultures, but she has been to India twice and considers it like a second home. As a teenager, she developed a passion for defending kids against sex-trafficking. Lindsey hopes her experience at the Post can help her connect with kids from all backgrounds and lead them into more productive lifestyles so they can learn their identity in Jesus Christ and become all that He means them to be.





Lewis Hull

My name is Lewis Hull and I’m originally from a small town in Oklahoma. I moved to Goshen when I was 12 years old and have to say Goshen is one of the best places I lived. I’ve been in and out of foster care since I was 8 and got out when I was 18. Although it was very hard being away from family, I’ve also learned how to be mature and to grow up and make good decisions. I went to Vincennes University back in 2014 for Architecture, but it is still unclear if I’ll go back. I’ve been coming to the Post since I was in 7th grade but moved to Elkhart after 8th grade. I knew as a kid that I really liked coming to the Post and that I wanted to come back. After I graduated high school and did one semester of college, I decided to come home. Since the end of 2016 I’ve been coming to the Post and in January 2017 I started volunteering here. One of the main reasons why I liked the Post and dedicated myself to coming every day was to help encourage the little kids that come to the Post to just have a good time and have fun. I don’t think I would ever want to spend my week anywhere else than the Post. It has helped me become a better person and so hopefully I can lead by example for the kids so they too will make good choices.


Favian Saucedo – Facility Manager

Hey! My name is Favian. Coming from a troubled home & going through difficult times, I was shown an ugly part of the world at a very young age. My father was in and out of the system for drugs, alcohol and abuse. He was eventually deported from the States to Mexico when I was only 12. I didn’t have the father figure to teach me how to be a man. I was introduced to the Post and its mission in 2009; I found my sanctuary! From the I am Second programs to playing basketball, changing perspective 23 to Friday outings, I valued this place and its purpose. Not only being taught how to be a man, but also how to manage my finances managed to open my eyes. I am now able to value these skills, see the best in people and seek wisdom. Being the facility manager here at the Post is a totally new perspective. The Post has given me more than anything; now it is my turn to give back.