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Post Picnic and Silent Auction

September 8 @ 6PM Click for more details

The Post Youth Center – Located in Downtown Goshen, Indiana

Right in our backyards are teens who face challenges that are difficult to overcome. These challenges might include coming from divorced homes, experiencing poverty, living in a home with someone who abuses drugs or alcohol, struggling in school, or wrestling with their spirituality. Youths need help to overcome these difficult circumstances; therefore, it is imperative that we come together as a community to address these issues. For this reason the Post Youth Center exists.   

The Post is located in downtown Goshen and our mission is to provide a safe environment for our youth, challenging them through intentional relationships, opening the door to allow God to reveal their identity and purpose through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Our founders, Lon and Judy Miller, wanted to establish a Christian community where everybody is welcome regardless of race, religion or lifestyle choice. Their goal was to share the love of Christ with any teen that walked through their doors.

Over 15 years later, this mission remains the same. Throughout our existence we have created an environment for teens to experience relationships with loving adults who can help guide them through life. We build these relationships by connecting through caring. We ask ourselves, “What is this teen missing that they need to succeed?”. When we discover the answer to this question, we attempt to provide the youth with that thing. We believe that meeting the needs of our teens builds a trusting connection that enables us to address their greatest need– their need for a healthy relationship with Jesus. 

“Connecting Through Caring”

Please pray for our students and our leadership as we build supportive relationships together. Pray that we are able to share with our students the love of Jesus in a tangible, transformational way.  

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Today is our outing where we'll do our baptism! Afterwards we'll be swimming, so make sure to bring swimwear and towel.

We'll be at our outing from 12pm-4pm and then back at The Post from 5ish-9pm.

Teens, you'll need a waiver on file to go with us to the outing. Also, baptism isn't a requirement, but you can celebrate and support those who are deciding to do it.
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Hi all, E-man here, today marks my second year as the Executive Director of The Post. It's funny going over some "old" photos with teens to see how much they've changed in a couple of years. I'm very thankful to those in the community who support our local mission field and for the board, staff, volunteers, and teens who have helped me grow closer to Jesus during this time.

Thanks all!“E-man” is short for Emmanuel Nathan Monge. Usually, folks just call me E-man.

My folks met in Texas. They were going to seminary, and my father was pursuing education and came up here to Goshen College. That’s how I came to be in the area. I was born and raised here in Goshen.

Growing up, one of the things I learned quickly was diversity and differences in culture. Going through the private school system, I was usually in the minority. My parents are Central American - Costa Rican and Nicaraguan. So even among minorities, I was a minority as well.

I was in high school during 9/11, so that kind of changed a lot of things for me - just how people looked at me, treated me. It was something I had to learn: just being overly polite and saying ‘hi’ to people so they know I’m friendly and approachable. Some of my experiences give me unique perspectives to be gracious and treat everyone equally, and with respect and dignity.

I’ve been the executive director here at The Post-Youth Center for two years. The Post provides a safe and fun place for teens who may come from tough situations at home, or if they have ups and downs at school, we try to meet them where they’re at. We hope they leave a little healthier, in some capacity. We do that by just getting to know them and having a relationship. Being openly faith based, we do believe that God not only loves us as the staff, but also the teens who come here.

I grew up with a dysfunctional family, which led me to feeling angry and sad and turned me into a binge drinker during my college years. I can relate to what it feels like dealing with guilt and shame. I had people in my life who set me on a different trajectory. My goal here at The Post is to meet teens where they’re at, and if they are wanting to go on a different trajectory, to do my part to help them out the best I can.

In terms of what makes Goshen a unique place to be, community is a word that comes to mind. Whether it’s going to The Electric Brew, Honey's, Linway Plaza, etc., it always seems like I’m running into people who I know, and they’re always open to a conversation on some level."
-E-man Monge

Learn more about Goshen: bit.ly/2BXELuW
#goodofgoshen #goshentalkstuesday
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Invest in a relationship to connect with youth.

We are offering programs that allow us to connect with area youth and teach important life skills. Each weekday evening, our youth are invited to participate in different events and programs.  We have multiple ways staff and volunteers can partner to mentor our youth. We have had clubs centered around basketball, board games, weight lifting, Henna, cooking, crocheting/knitting, music appreciation and chess. All of these clubs are intended to build connections between adults and students. If you have a skill and some spare time you would like to share while connecting with our youth, give us a call and let’s see what we can do together.