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The Post Youth Center – Located in Downtown Goshen

The Post is a Christ-centered Youth Program located in downtown Goshen, IN. We got our start from Lon and Judy Miller and their burden to reach out to the youth of this community. They wanted, and it remains to this day, to establish a place where everybody is welcome regardless of lifestyle choice. Their goal was to share the love of Christ with any middle school or high school aged student that walked through their doors.

Ten years later, the heartbeat is the same as we continue to reach the youth of this community. One of our biggest obstacles here of late is the battle of ‘breaking the cycle of Generational Poverty‘ in the lives of our kids. Do not let the word ‘poverty’ lead you in the wrong direction, GP has very little to do with the financial state of one’s family. It is a lifestyle as well as an outlook on life that very much controls your everyday life. GP has a lot more to do with one’s way of thinking, than the financial state of their family.

Unfortunately, many of our students also refer to life as like a ‘lottery ticket’. Some are winners and some are losers and that’s just the way it is and will be for the rest of their life. As someone who used to live that way, I know now that thinking and living that way is completely debilitating and untrue.

Please pray for our students and our leadership team as we accept the challenge placed before us of ‘breaking the cycle’ and leading our kids into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and make and “eternal” impact in the lives of the youth in our community.

“…If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes!”

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Featured Program

I Am Second:

I AM SECOND is a national movement meant to inspire people of all kinds to live for God and for others. Actors, Athletes, Musicians, Business leaders, Drug Addicts, People like all of us. These are authentic stories on that provide our children with insight into dealing with struggles that many of them face daily. These are stories that give our students hope in knowing that they are not the first ones to face these issues and there is a way to overcome these obstacles. Our students really love this program because of their ability to relate to many of the personal testimonies we hear. | Monday Nights @ 7 PM